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Magnificent prize – 4,4 million Euro – was won by one of the European users in online casino on the Mega Fortune slot machine on 5th of February. Unfortunately, representatives of the slot developer NetEnt Company do not reveal the name of the lucky gamer who managed to win the 36th progressive jackpot since 2009, but his existence is not doubted. We’d like to remind you that the largest Mega Jackpot in the sum of €17,8 million was won in January 2013 by a venturous and mega-lucky Swede. This huge jackpot even entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest throughout the history of online gambling. The average waiting time for such a super-prize is 11 weeks, and the average sum of the prize money is €4,3 million.

The main theme of Mega Fortune is a glut of wealth, and those who play the slot can visualise all they can purchase in case of winning the jackpot. In order to hit it it’s necessary to pass all the rounds of a bonus game at the end of which there appear real treasures.

Beginning of the last winter month presented to the world one more millionaire. This event took place thanks to a newly launched slot “Millionaires Island” from PokerStars that presented the first jackpot in the sum of $1,5 million to an ordinary Uruguay student with the nick LUisCancelaU.

This 26-year old lucky guy managed to win betting only $1 and making only 17 spins, the last of which brought the prize money. The newly-minted millionaire shared during the interview to the casino provider:

“This cannot be real, because such things just don’t happen” – this is what I thought when looked at four Millionaires symbols and could not believe when the fifth came. When I realized what happened and that I became a millionaire I ran to my brother (there was no one else at home) and started to shake him and scream – I was so overwhelmed with emotions! First he looked at me as if I was crazy, but when I showed him the screen of the computer with the 6-figured number we started to cry for joy together. Now I can take care of my parents who lay themselves out to provide education for us, worked two jobs, did not eat and did not sleep enough…”

Director of PokerStars Casino Bo Wänghammar announced to the mass media: “We are very happy for our first winner in Millionaires Island who appeared shortly after the launch of the slot. This proves that our product is popular with the games throughout the world and can drastically change the life of anyone who aims for victory and believes in luck”.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the only slot in the gambling industry where progressive jackpot starts at $1 million, which means that every winner automatically becomes a millionaire!

Just one roulette spin brought to a Brazilian $1 300 000

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Quite recently the mass media have reported about an incredible luck of one fan of roulette from Brazil. An ordinary after-holiday visit to the casino with a company of friends will be well remembered.

A successful young businessman Pedro Grendene, heritor of a local businessman Bartelle – owner of a shoe factory decided to push his luck while on vacation in Uruguay and visited Condad Punta del Este casino. He and his three friends approached the roulette, and Pedro made a bet of $35,000.00 on number 32. His friends also placed their bets with insignificant sums of money.

To his astonishment the ball stopped exactly on number 32 making Grendene more rich with $1,23 million! All this was recorded with a smartphone by one of the visitors who just wanted to memorise this thoughtless bet that resulted into an incredible win. The original video is available on YouTube, so anyone can see how the friends were happy about the win.

By the way, Conrad Punta del Este is an elite resort in southern Uruguay where there is a spa-center, casino, and a hotel. The first three months of a year are the high season for this area and attract tourists from around the world.

While the “shoe king” from Brazil celebrates this incredible win, a Ukrainian lottery organiser MSL company reported about two six-figured wins in January of 2017.

The first millionaire is a resident of Kiev Region from the town of Bucha who managed to win on “Loto Zabava” 1 million hryvnas ($38 thousand). Less than in a week the same lottery made happy another Ukrainian living in Khmelnitsky Region with the same amount of the prize money.

But at the end of January a million of hryvnas had to be divided between two gambling fans. The drawing that took place on January 29 brought to the residents of Berdyansk and Sambora $19 thousand each. Local journalists interviewed one of the winners whose name is Nikolai: “We play Loto Zabava with the whole family: me, my brother, mother, and father. It’s our family tradition. And finally we were able to win. After talking to my family I decided to purchase with the prize money a large family car that we will use for family trips to the country”.

During its existence the lottery made the dreams of 261 gamers come true, and starting from last year the lottery tickets are available for purchase online. 

Incredible wins on “Glass Slipper” and “Millionaire Genie” video-slots

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Last week was marked with the largest jackpot ever won throughout the history if Gala Casino, and the hero of the story is “Glass Slipper: slot. On January 27 casino frequenter from Bulgaria won unbelievable prize money in the sum of $1,2 million.

By tradition the name of the new millionaire has not been revealed. The only thing known is that he managed to create a winning line on 5 scatter symbols on the drum. This win is the largest during the last 2,5 years for the game developer “Ash Gaming.”

Luckily, this large win was not the only outstanding event in January for the gambling industry. It can be proud of another mega-jackpot in the sum of $2,1 million won on “Millionare Genie” slot during in the night of January 20. The winner is a gambler from Germany.

Here is how this lucky fellow commented on his success: “I have always believed in luck. My main secret is to start gambling only in good mood and only in the cold light of the day. I think these principles helped indeed: when the “big game” started I soundly evaluated chances to win and didn’t go wrong!”

Following privacy policy representatives of the gambling venue did not reveal the name of the newly-minted millionaire.

Still, this win turned out to be the 22nd jackpot on this online slot throughout three years of its existence (in the average, the main prize is played off once in 8 weeks). Just to remind you that the maximum jackpot “handed out” by “Millionaire Genie” was estimated at $5,2 million (in 2015). To catch luck and to achieve the maximum win one needs to combine 3 Genie pictures on any line of a drum. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

We wish our happy winners be wise in managing their finances.

Crazy jackpot of $60 million hit on Loto Max

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World mass media witnessed a great event that took place in an ordinary large family residing in Canadian Quebec. Early morning on January 6 the head of the family learned about his win in a local lottery Lotto Max from Loto Quebec. “We purchased our lucky ticket at a regular gas station on January 1 on the way to a traditional family dinner. A lottery ticket was given to us as change when we stopped to fill tank, but we could never imagine that it would change our lives so much” – this is how the winner Annie Roy commented on the win.

Although playing a lottery was not a family tradition, they did purchase lottery tickets occasionally, but had never won anything until that very moment. The head of the family Gilles Leprohon added: “I have always thought I was a lucky guy and hoped for a lottery win. I kept believing that I would hit the jackpot one day and I did it!”

Two close family friends shared their interest in lotteries, but did not participate in that last draw. In spite of it the winners decided to divide the whole sum of money equally among 26 family members and 2 friends, and as a result the record jackpot of $60 million made happy not just one, but 28 people at once which is wonderful indeed.

The lottery belongs to Loto Quebec Company that is a federal gambling operator in Canada.

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Half a million minor children involved in gambling – is this something normal?

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Based on the data presented by the UK Gambling Commission, about 450 thousand children from 11 through 14 years old play for real money on a regular basis. The report is called “Young People and Gambling” and presents the results of the survey based on which almost 9 thousand teenagers suffer from “problem gambling behaviour syndrome”.  The rate of participation in gambling games with this age group is estimated at approximately 15%. Young men are more addicted to gambling than young women (almost twice as much). 60% of interviewed children reported that they considered gambling to be quite a dangerous activity. 

Which gambling entertainments are most popular with teenagers? The Commission representatives tried to answer this question and reported that online slots, stationary slots, lottery tickets and even bets made by friends are in highest demand. The report indicated that every 10th of questioned teenagers made sports bets in bookmaker’s offices. At the same time only 3% of young people spent their own money on gambling, while 6% used the money belonging to their parents while the latter ones were not even aware of that.

Another interesting fact: 3 of 4 questioned teenagers learned about gambling games from TV commercials and 67% found this information in social networks. Based on this report a gambling regulator in 2017 may introduce stricter limitations for gambling commercials up until their complete ban.

Here is how Tim Miller, CEO of Gambling Commission of Great Britain commented on this: “We can state that teenagers from 11 through 15 years of age are inclined to gambling much more than to alcohol, drugs, or smoking. We would like to require from gambling providers stricter measures preventing children from such activities. It’s hard to believe, but there are money  based entertainments in our country that don’t set any restrictions against children’s participation. We will deal with it in the nearest future”.

It’s worth reminding our readers that gambling in Great Britain makes a profit estimated at £13,7 billion which makes it one of the most significant gambling markets in the world. Apart from the monetary profit for the country and gambling providers this business does a lot of harm to the society causing gambling addiction. Still, there is something positive in this field: nonprofit organisation called “GambleAware” presented its 5-year plan aimed at solving gambling issues. Based on this plan, gambling providers will spend £10 million on scientific research, healthcare and education.