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1 million in the Ukrainian lottery and a newly millionaire from Russia

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Ukraine continues to develop the trend of large winnings in the lottery. Not earlier than two weeks ago we reported about the big winning of 1 million hryvnia (about $ 40 thousand), which a lucky stiff from Rovno got. So, according to the local media reports, the 898th draw of the lottery “Lotto-Zabava”, which was held in Kiev on the 23d of October, “brings into life” a new millionaire, who has already become the 254th one in a row in the history of this monetary game.

A resident of the Kiev region became this lucky stiff, adding that same ₴ 1 million to his bank account. For it he simply guessed three horizontal lines in the ticket of the lottery and chose the right additional number (“horseshoe”). It would have been a normal next prize, there have been many of them recently, if not one “but” – this is the first winning ticket in the country, which was bought not in the company-issued offices, but on the special website created only a couple of months ago.

In July 2016 by numerous demands of the regular players the operator of the state lotteries MSL launched the online service for filling and buying the tickets, that facilitated access to them and to the information about the results of the draws.

The game organisers congratulate the happy Ukrainian on his victory and invite him as soon as possible to contact a convenient compartment for confirmation of the winning and clarification of all the formalities. We do not forget to remind about the additional prizes for our hero – a two-day programme “Feel the life of a millionaire“, which shows on what people can spend the prize money and tells them how to avoid unnecessary high-rolling.

“Every one of you may try hand in our game and become a rich man. To do this just buy a lottery ticket and fill cherished number. The victory goes only to those who believe in it and go to their goal! “- commented MSL.

Russia can also boast the large winning, occurred in early October. According to the organisers of the lottery “GosLoto”, in the 5471st draw a resident of the midland of this huge country (the Volga region) from the Ulyanovsk region won the jackpot, which was incredible 17.6 million rubles ($ 273 thousand) at the time. This winning ticket was bought at the box office of the company brand in the supermarket for 1080 rubles, except that our hero filled six fields of five numbers and bet on three draws at a run. There was a winning combination of the following numbers: 12; 33; 36; 13; 30.

“We advise our winner to connect immediately with the main office, which is located in Moscow, for getting such a huge amount of money. But before it is better to contact our representatives by phone “- said the representatives of “GosLoto”. However, we should note the strange fact that until now the lucky stuff has not shown up for unknown reasons.

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