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365 million rubles – absolute record of Russian “Stoloto” lottery

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Breaking news: an unprecedented win of a really huge and unbelievable jackpot in the sum of 364 685 787 rubles (about 6,5 million USD) just took place in Russia via the local “Stoloto” lottery. If we take into account additional prize money played off in other combinations, the total sum of money will increase for 500,000.00 more rubles  and will be estimated at 365 180 787 Russian rubles (about $6,620,000.00).

This is indeed the largest and the most unusual win for the Russian lottery market, especially considering that the lottery ticket was purchased via a mobile application “Stoloto” on iOS device. The winner resides in Sochi and paid for the lucky ticket 700 rubles.

Based on the Russian tax legislation, the winner needs to pay 13% off the prize money. After paying all the taxes the happy family from Sochi will still receive 317,277,000.00 rubles (about $5,660,000.00), which is not bad at all, is it?

This win became the most extensively discussed event of the month due the enormous sum of money. Two preceding jackpots did not reach it. In 2016 a medical specialist from Novosibirsk, Russia hit the jackpot in the sum of 358 million rubles, and in 2014 a teacher from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia refilled her account for 202,5 million rubles.

No matter how grand the wins of ordinary people are, their decisions on spending money can’t fail to surprise us. For example, today’s winners from Sochi plan to invest their money into the electoral fund of the Communist party so that their political favourites could win during the upcoming election.

If truth be told they plan to contribute into this political campaign only 1/3 of the prize money, though leave open a possibility that they will spend more money “for good purposes”.

The family of happy winners runs a very modest life and work in the sphere of cultural education. As we learned from the interview which was given to one of the local newspapers, even now they experience quite an unhealthy attitude to themselves from people around. They don’t want to be considered super-rich, that’s why they are not in a hurry to receive their jackpot.  Plus, they don’t have enough funds to cover their trip to the Moscow office of “Stoloto” to receive the prize money.

So, here are the unusual consequences of a super-win. We congratulate the winners with this great event and hope that the interest to them from their ill-wishes will diminish, and they will be able to spend the money wisely.

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