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$430,000.00 from MegaMillions for charity

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Every fan of lotteries dreams of winning the jackpot and makes thousands of plans about how to spend the prize money. Just a few lucky fellows who finally manage to get the desired reward with a large number of figures in the sum of the prize money throw away handfuls of money spending it on luxurious houses, sport cars, or for the needs of their families.

There are very few people who are able to think more about the needs of the society rather then their own needs.

One of such people is an American woman, a catholic church pastor Purley May Smith from Trenton, NJ who in May 2016 won the main prize of Mega Millions lottery in the sum of $430 million. During the awarding ceremony she announced that part of the prize money will be spent on charity, because the win itself had been sent to her by the will of God, and this way she could help people in need. 

“Neither me, nor my family can enjoy these millions of dollars knowing that there are so many deprived, hungry and desperate people. I could purchase a huge yacht to travel round the world and to never come back home. But my love and kindness don’t allow me to do it and to leave my congregation” – Purley reported to the journalists.

Exactly one year later Mrs. Smith presented to the world her charitable organisation called “Fund of support to families and young people of Trenton”, where the main goal is to invest money into medicine, education, upbringing of troubled teenagers, building sports complexes in high-crime areas, reconstruction of dilapidated or destroyed cultural sites throughout the world. 

Harold, nephew of Mrs. Smith who is a general manager of the fund commented regarding the plans they have: “We will be engaged in development, promotion, and financial support for programs aimed against poverty. By applying to us people can get not just food, medicine and shelter, but help in finding a job or getting new education as well”.

It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Smith decided to receive the whole sum of money all at once instead of extending this process for 29 years. After paying off all the taxes the jackpot was estimated at $284 million.


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