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$50 000 within just one spin plus $1 000 000 from Marvel!

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Just one spin on “Crazy Cherry” slot brought to an American $50 thousand. Incredible luck, isn’t it? Plus, another slot called “Marvel” celebrated the appearance of a new millionaire who hit progressive jackpot with a substantial amount of money.

A gambling fan from Minnesota was playing online slots of the Miami Club internet-casino, and when there was a turn to play a popular 3-symbol slot called “Crazy Cherry” Fortuna definitely favored him – just within one spin there came out three winning combinations that multiplied the bet of $10  in 5000. As a result, our lucky hero Steven ended the gambling session with a huge bank account of $50 thousand. According to the gambling operator Miami Club, he is a frequenter there and during 2 years has played slots with three drums (Triple 10x Wild and Crazy Cherry).

Steven reported to the mass media: “I enjoy 3-drummed slots because they are easier to win money with. In the past I filled in my pockets with cash and developed a specific strategy – to play with maximum bets and to watch the reaction of a slot. It turns out that it works!”

CEO of the casino Linda Hernandez also commented: “The slot that handed in to our client $50 thousand at first sight seems to be a very simple one, but winning combinations can come up practically everywhere. To receive the multiplier X1000 it’s necessary to get one symbol CrazyCherry, and when three come out, here is the jackpot with the multiplier X5000 similar to Steven’s case”.

Crazy Cherry is a classic slot with three winning lines and symbols SEVEN and BAR. It’s available on various internet resources and as an application for a computers, tablets or smartphones.

An unbelievable thing happened to a European gamer – a fan of slots themed on Marvel topics. On February 17 he managed to hit a huge progressive jackpot Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot in the sum of $998 thousand. We don’t know much about the winner, but he is known to be from one of the European countries and enjoys going to the casino.

By the way, this is the 46th main prize throughout the whole history (since October 2010) that was presented by Playtech in the Marvel style. The largest jackpot was estimated at $1,3 million, and the smallest – $150 thousand, but in the average these slots pay off $704 thousand. 

It’s possible to get a colossal monetary prize – Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot playing one of the thematic slots, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and others.

If you would like to enjoy the game in the captivating and addicting atmosphere, to push your luck and to get a huge progressive jackpot from Marvel – be in a hurry, because as far as we know, Disney corporation (maternal company of the Marvel brand) does not intend to prolong the contract with Playtech for for gambling purposes.

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