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Online betting operator BetVictor gave a start to the particularly fierce fight between the representatives of the industry for the hearts, minds and wallets of players in sports betting. The event was timed for the European Football Championship in 2016. BetVictor is implementing a special offer for the prediction of sport performance with the main prize of 1 million Pounds. The Euro-2016 matches were officially launched on 10 June and the sports betting operators are already to struggle by all available means for a share of the billions of pounds, which is expected to be made from betting on football matches, which are held once in four years.

This week an online bookmaker BetVictor announced the launch of The Million Pound Goal campaign, in which players are to predict which player will score the first goal in the final match, as well as what minute of the game that happens.

In order to be eligible to participate in this promotion, any BetVictor user should bet, at least five pounds, on the outcome of any Euro 2016 match or on the winner of the tournament. Similarly, every user will be able to accommodate up to five additional promotional rates, while:

  • betting on the Euro 2016 matches,
  • playing the new BetVictor slot machine, stylised in the 2016 Euro theme,
  • taking offers of the operator in the virtual sport.

The users who have received the right to participate in the campaign, will have the opportunity to make their choice as soon as the finalist teams are determined, at the end of the second semi-final on July 7. It should be stated that it does not matter, how the decisive goal will be made but it is required the accurate prediction of the result in the categories of “who goals” and “when the goal happens”.

According to the rules, the user, who correctly predict the outcome in both categories, will take away the complete prize of one million pounds. If the correct prediction is given by multiple users, then the prize will be divided between them equally. Even if no one could correctly predict the course of events, the prize will get the player who gave the closest to reality prediction.

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