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An American woman won ONE million dollars in an attempt to prove the futility of the lottery

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This exciting and fantastic story happened on the 22d of October in the US town of Leicester, North Carolina. Though the family of Bloody and Glenda Blackwell didn’t set the Thames on fire, they did not live in want. It was only torn by the spouses’ disputes about a waste of money on lottery tickets that a gambler head of the family liked to buy, he didn’t miss a single draw of the national lottery Powerball.

It is worth noting the fact that at the time the jackpot of “Mighty Ball” was $ 168 million. Bloody asked Glenda to buy him two tickets for the next draw of his favourite lottery on the way home from work. 57 year old wife, determined to prove her muddle-headed husband all his wrong and a waste of money on candy floss to get rich quickly, bought  Powerball tickets and also one ticket of the local lottery CarolinaMillions. This treasured scratch card became a winning one which brought a crazy prize of $ 1 million to the American woman.

“Buying this lucky ticket I just wanted to prove all unnecessary and deceptiveness of the lotteries to my stubborn husband Bloody, because at that time he had already infuriated me by his dreams of wealth. Now I have to smoother my own voice and watch my tongue. And know what – I do not regret about it!” – Glenda Blackwell commented on her victory to the local television station WLOS-TV.

According to the local laws, if a lucky wants to take his money immediately, he has to pay a huge tax, otherwise, the entire winning amount may be paid in equal instalments over the next 10-15 years. As the Blackwells are no longer young (both of them are bordering on 60), they decided to get the winning at once, which cost considerable $ 415,000 after all inputs. Bloody and Glenda decided to spend this money on the purchase of a large piece of land near the beautiful lake and on building a large house on it. They did not forget to mention about the two funds that would be created to pay for the education of their grandchildren.

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