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Bet365 in the middle of cash payments scandal

Bet365 in the middle of cash payments scandal

One of the British press issued a story about an online betting operator and a woman, whose name is not revealed for now. As it was mentioned in the article, this client of the online operator faced the problems with paying off the cash from her personal gaming account in the amount of 54 thousand pounds.

As the woman say, she opened a new online gaming account in April, 16th. She made a decision to gamble with Bet365 company. The next day she placed 30 thousand pounds on her new account and start betting big sums at horse racing. As it was stated, the first series of her bets was rather bad and resulted in the loss of 23 thousand pounds. The same day the unlucky client got the notification from the online operator about betting limits increasing.

In April, 18th the gambling situation was cardinally changed and the woman-client got to be damn lucky. She got the Fortune’s blessing and made another series of bets on the horse racings, which helped her turn seven thousand pounds, left in her account, into 54 thousand pounds.

That became a check point of troubles. At first administration sent the lucky client a notification about their ‘commercial decision’ of betting limits reducing down to one pound. Also there was stated that the decision to limit woman’s maximum bet size will be not valid in the online casino of the company.

Being under rather awful impression, the client decided to cash her account balance and she made a request for withdrawal of the balance to her debit card. It had passed actually over 9 days, before woman received at least any answer from the online betting administration. In April, 27th she got a message from Bet365 via email. The letter notified the client about the successful verification of her documents and assured that the funds will be transferred ‘very soon’.

After getting an email notification client did not get any further money transfers, that made her scared and nervous about the future of her money. There had passed over two months of phone calls, complains, ignores and problems with any feedbacks before the woman got at least a smallest result.

The fact is that the Bet365 company undertook all possible moves not to refund the client’s own and prize money. They immersed woman in paper work and required a Bank confirmation of the funds origin. Sure, the Gambling Commission of Great Britain will severely punish operators that do not request from their customers the proofs of origin of the funds submitted to the gambling accounts, but the outrageous fact consisted in following.

The online betting operator ‘Bet365’ is very law-obedient only in cases when they have to refund the prizes. If the client decided to leave her money in their online casino (as the bookmaker administration suggested in email notification) there would be no questions and the problem would be over.

In turn, the client got every needed proof from the bank about the origin of her money and there was everything ok, still the bookmaker company did not give any explanation of the situation.


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