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Charitable fund won €1 100 000 in EuroMilions

  During the last weekend, Colin and Eithne Bell, a couple from Great Britain who are founders of Kevin Bell Repatriation Fund turned to be millionaires. They were able to win the main prize of the additional drawing of EuroMillions in the sum of €1,1 million. This remarkable event took…

Playtech keeps giving away millions of Euros!

  Another jackpot in the sum of €1,6 million was hit on Gladiator slot – this news has been shared by the world gambling industry reporters. It means that lotteries are not the only source of newly minted millionaires! A happy owner of the main prize turned to be Angela,…

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$430,000.00 from MegaMillions for charity

  Every fan of lotteries dreams of winning the jackpot and makes thousands of plans about how to spend the prize money. Just a few lucky fellows who finally manage to get the desired reward with a large number of figures in the sum of the prize money throw away…

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The scale weighs in favour of Yggdrasil. Again!

  Companies operating in the gambling market and developing video products are constant competitors and work to the point of exhaustion in order to surprise their clients with really unique novices. The most vivid competition takes place between two leading companies – software developer Playtech whose leadership is well acknowledged,…

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Incredibly gracious novices offered by Evolution Gaming

  Live Casino Hold’em is experiencing the revival of its spirits thanks to Evolution Gaming and their new progressive jackpot Jumbo 7. In the nearest future Progressive Jackpot Jumbo 7 will be the largest prize addition to the Hold’em we are used to. This popular poker variation will receive a…

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365 million rubles – absolute record of Russian “Stoloto” lottery

Breaking news: an unprecedented win of a really huge and unbelievable jackpot in the sum of 364 685 787 rubles (about 6,5 million USD) just took place in Russia via the local “Stoloto” lottery. If we take into account additional prize money played off in other combinations, the total sum of money…

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Even more millionaires this week

Our top list of won jackpots is widened with more unexpected wins. Today we learned about a great win in Euro Millions that took place in April. €83 400 000 is the sum of the jackpot that was hit by a family from French Dijon paying for the lucky ticket only €2,5….

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Exclusive slot for William Hill

Online casinos never stop surprising their visitors with new interesting ideas and often launch special generous campaigns to attract more clients. William Hill online casino seems to be different in this respect. It’s is one of the top casinos and never experiences any lack of clients.  Its main goal now…

€ 8,000,000 from Mega Moolah – the largest mobile jackpot of all time

Microgaming and their incredibly popular slot machine Mega Moolah once again made a regular at the Tripico mobile casino happy. Gambler was lucky enough to receive 8 million euros right away. This jackpot was called the biggest mobile win and even the biggest gambling victory of all time! Such a…

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Cuckoo slot machine from Endorphina become famous for by two mega-prises

April became favourable for venturesome amateurs of the produce of supplying company of game decisions B2B Endorphina, as exactly in this spring period were issued three new online-slots and output of one more was announced. Czech digital company offers wide choice of flash games for the online mediums of the…