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Charitable fund won €1 100 000 in EuroMilions

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During the last weekend, Colin and Eithne Bell, a couple from Great Britain who are founders of Kevin Bell Repatriation Fund turned to be millionaires. They were able to win the main prize of the additional drawing of EuroMillions in the sum of €1,1 million.

This remarkable event took place on June 20. When receiving the prize at the headquarters of the Great Britain National Lottery the Bell couple spoke a little about themselves and shared some of their plans for the future.

“Our son died in New-York in 2013 under strange circumstances and we encountered tremendous difficulties when tried to repatriate his body back home. Since then our family started to help all other people who lost close friends or family members in foreign countries. We help them in memory of Dave”, said Mrs Bell.

The couple founded a special repatriation fund that helps Irish families bring the bodies of those who died abroad back to their country.

A 64-year old Mr Colin Bell explained: “Our mission is very dramatic and is related to human grief. In order to catch a break, my wife and I sometimes play lotteries. Up to this moment, we have not won any significant prize money – maximum €20 or €50. When watching the results of the drawing that took place on June 20 I did not see my numbers in the winning combination, but when the numbers of the additional game were announced I caught my breath for joy – I won €1,1 million! I immediately ran to my wife to share this news with her, but she just laughed and did not believe me thinking that it was a bad joke. To clarify the situation I had to call the lottery providers who confirmed my millionaire status”.

It also turned out that the Bell family has six children and eight grandchildren. The largest part of the money will be spent on family needs, but several thousand euros will be spent on charitable purposes. “We should not forget about our compatriots who appear to be in a difficult situation regardless of this large lottery win”, said Collin talking to the journalists.

Another interesting story happened in June last year to a 50-year old Amanda Lewis from Yarlet, Great Britain. She won 1 million pounds playing EuroMillions. So, following one year she gave an interview to the local newspaper and reported how her life had changed since the win.

“I’ve been working in a tiny store where I also purchase lottery tickets. It won’t be true to say that my husband and I are real gambling fans. When I learned that I had won one million pounds for some reason I was not really surprised and kept working with customers’ orders as if nothing happened. During a lunch break, my colleagues learned about my win and started congratulating me, though with some sadness thinking that I was going to quit my job. But I like my job and I like working with people, so I keep going to work thinking that the win is not something unlimited and not worth quitting a job” shared Amanda.

This millionaire also said that her 52-year old husband Barry Lewis also kept working. He deals with ceramic tile manufacturing and laying. Answering the question how they spent their million she said: “First of all we paid off our debts and 20-year mortgage. Also, I kept my promise made to our 22-year old twin children and purchased a car for each of them. Also, by the advice of our close family friend who works in the field of finances in a large company my husband and I bought two houses for rent as well as a piece of land located under the store where my father-in-law works”.

At the awarding ceremony at EuroMillions Amanda wanted to conceal her name as most of the jackpot winners do, but changed her mind and decided to share her joy with others and to demonstrate that multi-million wins are real and anyone playing a lottery can turn to be a millionaire.



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