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Christmas miracle from Spanish El Gordo lottery

Christmas miracle lottery Portal Mazal

One of the Spanish traditions is to run a lottery on Christmas Eve. This tradition is more than 200 years old and attracts all the residents of the country. The main prize of the lottery in 2016 is €56 million, and it goes to – you won’t believe it – the local division of the Communist party in Pinos Puente, a town not far from Granada. It’s interesting, but the leader of the Communist party asked every member to purchase as many El Gordo lottery tickets as possible and did it in the voluntary – compulsory order. And he didn’t go wrong! Now the jackpot will be distributed among all the members of the communist party of this township. 

At the same time ten Madrilenians won €400 thousand each. They purchased similar lucky tickets with the number 66513 that made it up to €4 million. One of the winners with the name Xavier commented: “With this prize money I will help my family in Ecuador – will purchase a house and will bring them here”.

Another winner Juana said to the journalists: “My husband has always purchased a bunch of lottery tickets, but never had any luck. I often fought with him for spending the whole monthly wages on lotteries, but now we have won, and I am very happy”. All these newly minted rich Madrilenians purchased a so called decimal lottery ticket, which means that it cost 10 times less than an ordinary one with the prize money that often needs to be divided into 10 as well.

This year beat a record in the sum of the prize fund throughout the whole history of the Spanish lottery. The prize fund is estimated at €2,3 billion. By the way, this sum of money is a record one in the field of the lotteries in general. It should be mentioned that El Gordo is not just the most profitable, but also the most widespread of all the lotteries. Since it takes place on Christmas, winning is accompanied with a special magic feeling and is really a miracle. All the people participate in it, and to increase chances to win some purchase whole bunches of tickets.

Occasionally groups of people, such as co-workers, companies, or just friends purchase the tickets jointly and divide the prize money in case of a win. Local mass media reported that every citizen of the country (including newly born and old people) spent €60 on the lottery. Some townships and villages spent €200 for this entertainment. Spain is not in the best shape from the economical point of view, that’s why many people purchase El Gordo tickets trying to improve their financial situation. Consequently, popularity of Christmas lottery keeps growing every year.

Lotería de Navidad: Prize Pool is more than 2 billion euro.

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