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Clash Of The Poker Titans!

Trueteller Is $500K Up After 1-Day Poker Session

Trueteller Is $500K Up After

It was very warm at $400 /$800 NLHE ring tables last night. Some gamers succeeded significant pots, others shed big money. Nonetheless it was Trueteller that came to be the hero of the day. He gained $547,8 K. Rhje (+$365,3 K), MalACEsia (+$232,2 K) and Call_911 (+$214,8 K) also appreciated great runs. At the same time Ike Haxton will attempt to forget the previous day, the texas hold’em gamer lost $855 000 instantly! Ragen70 was also amongst greatest losers with $307,1 K.

Poker fans additionally delighted in watching one more impressive struggle between Jungleman12 and Bttech86 which took place at $200 /$400 NLHE. Bttech86 has actually revealed fantastic texas hold’em abilities and managed to succeed $125K. Nevertheless he his lack of self-control was pricey. He lost all profits later on playing at other ring tables.

We ought to also highlight Jeans89 who played at PokerStars. He succeeded $99K playing $50 /$100 PLO. It ought to be pointed out that his PokerStars revenue given that 2010 is already greater than $4 Millions.

Poker Titans

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