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Crazy jackpot of $60 million hit on Loto Max

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World mass media witnessed a great event that took place in an ordinary large family residing in Canadian Quebec. Early morning on January 6 the head of the family learned about his win in a local lottery Lotto Max from Loto Quebec. “We purchased our lucky ticket at a regular gas station on January 1 on the way to a traditional family dinner. A lottery ticket was given to us as change when we stopped to fill tank, but we could never imagine that it would change our lives so much” – this is how the winner Annie Roy commented on the win.

Although playing a lottery was not a family tradition, they did purchase lottery tickets occasionally, but had never won anything until that very moment. The head of the family Gilles Leprohon added: “I have always thought I was a lucky guy and hoped for a lottery win. I kept believing that I would hit the jackpot one day and I did it!”

Two close family friends shared their interest in lotteries, but did not participate in that last draw. In spite of it the winners decided to divide the whole sum of money equally among 26 family members and 2 friends, and as a result the record jackpot of $60 million made happy not just one, but 28 people at once which is wonderful indeed.

The lottery belongs to Loto Quebec Company that is a federal gambling operator in Canada.

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