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€ 8,000,000 from Mega Moolah – the largest mobile jackpot of all time

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Microgaming and their incredibly popular slot machine Mega Moolah once again made a regular at the Tripico mobile casino happy. Gambler was lucky enough to receive 8 million euros right away. This jackpot was called the biggest mobile win and even the biggest gambling victory of all time!

Such a momentous event occurred no later than on April 25 of this year, literally a month after the last grandiose payment, which then amounted to 6.6 million euros.

After standard checks, the administration of Microgaming will pay the winner all of his prize money in one payment, namely 8,012,153 euros. The CEO of the mobile casino Tripico, Marlon van der Goes, reacted so to the memorable event:

« We are infinitely sublime pleasure that today you can win such incredible prize amounts with the size of the initial bet of only 6.25 euros. This is a truly amazing event. Even if this occasion wouldn’t be the biggest jack-pot in the history of online casinos, it would still qualitatively change the life of the winner. But we are glad that our visitor will receive the most grandiose payment.»

And the publisher of mobile video slots in Microgaming, David Reynolds, said that even the speed of the progressive jackpot increase over the last 30 days was maximally abnormal. Thus, from March 21 to the moment of winning (April 25) the bank increased from 4.3 million euros to cherished ones 8 million. A fantastic record and just incredible luck for a lucky gambler.

To be fair, we note that the previous similar record on the size of payments was established in the summer of 2016, when the fabulous 7 684 311 euros were won at the online casino “Zodiak”.

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