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€76 000 000 in Eurojackpot. The greatest German jackpot ever.

Eurojackpot. The greatest German jackpot ever

The Germany resident won the record prize in the “Eurojackpot” state lottery. The prize money amounted up to unbelievable € 76.8 million ($ 85.7 million).

The lucky local in Germany got to be very fortunate, as he won a large sum of money. He was awarded with €76,8 million ($ 85.7 million) in the Eurojackpot national lottery almost by chance. This win was the second largest in the history of this lotto. The first owner got a little bit luckier because he had hit the € 90 million ($ 100, 5 million) jackpot. He turned to be a resident of the Czech Republic, who received a huge payoff in May 2015.

As for the Germany itself, the current record winning is the greatest in the country history, because previously the maximum amount of the prize reached € 59 million ($ 65, 8 million). It’s very interesting to know how such lucky men dispose of such a huge money?

In total the Eurojackpot lottery is available to play for people from 17 European countries. The winnings could receive only the most lucky people who managed to guess five numbers out of 50, or two numbers out of 10. Friendly speaking, the chance to win today is equal to 1 of the 95 million! So it is very hard to get a prize.

It’s worth noting that almost the same great win was hit in Russia in February 29, 2016. That time the record jackpot arose up to ₽358 million ($ 4.7 million).

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