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Even more millionaires this week

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Our top list of won jackpots is widened with more unexpected wins. Today we learned about a great win in Euro Millions that took place in April.

€83 400 000 is the sum of the jackpot that was hit by a family from French Dijon paying for the lucky ticket only €2,5. The names of the winners have not been revealed yet per their own request, but it’s known that the win has become the sixth of the largest payoffs throughout 13 years of the lottery existence. Chances for such a significant win were really little and were estimated at 1:116 million. Our congratulations to this incredibly lucky French family!

Last week we wrote about another large win at the National lottery of Ireland that was estimated at €6,100,000.00. According to the lottery organisers, there are two winning tickets, and the winners have already applied to the main office to receive their money. The shops where the tickets were purchased promised significant discounts for the whole upcoming months in honour of this remarkable event.

Such incredible things happen practically every day and don’t have any territorial limitations. Any American or European lottery is available to residents of any country, and it’s quite easy to receive the money through the bank transfer.

The Government of South Korea has joined this trend of modern world as well. Quite recently there was a new legislature accepted in this country allowing its residents to sell and to buy lottery tickets of the National lottery via the Internet. 

The truth is though that it’s possible to purchase only a limited number of tickets online and only after a multi-level security checkup at a specialised website. These security measures are intended for preventing minor children from gambling addiction and for providing control over the legislature observance.


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