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First gambling conference in history

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Virtual Splash – this is the term used to characterise a rapid development of online gambling now that a unique process is in place – actualisation and integration of virtual reality and augmented reality into new gambling products of the world manufacturers.

There was made a decision to organise the first conference in history devoted to virtual gambling and modern virtual technologies. Innovative products developers and gambling business representatives from all over the world will gather all in one place to discuss advanced technologies and select the main trends of this field.

VR&AR Gambling Conference will be held in Prague in April this year. The active phase will start on April 3. 

What stirred the organisers to think of such a grand international event that is expected to unite the world elite of the gambling industry? It’s pretty simple. Further development of the gambling industry is closely related to advanced virtual technologies – a user has become quite selective and is not satisfied with outdated last century online slots and casinos.

It’s important to present to casino clients totally different and unusual user experience, opportunity to enjoy the gambling process from any part of the world and using any device. This will be the result of a fast moving improvement of quality of mobile gambling applications. The next and one of the most important steps in this direction will be a gambling conference that will demonstrate new ways of widespread implementation of virtual and augmented reality.

These projects have great potential and will be the things of the future. Those developers and businessmen who will be the first to utilise and develop these technologies will literally become the “tsars” of the gambling palace and will dictate new conditions for further developments in this sphere.

The conference organiser is Smile-Expo Company that has held international forums, conferences and exhibitions related to gambling during the last 11 years. This company is a mediator between society and innovations.

VR&AR Gambling Conference means  new technologies, new business solutions, business relations expansion, marketing strategies promotion, new partner relations and the most modern ways of monetisation of virtual technologies. 

Specialised gambling conference will be organised in two stages: section for developers and section for business which will make new technologies available for the end users.

Overall, this event may become a starting point and will mark a new gambling era. Let’s wait for the news and reports on the conference results.


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