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Half a million minor children involved in gambling – is this something normal?

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Based on the data presented by the UK Gambling Commission, about 450 thousand children from 11 through 14 years old play for real money on a regular basis. The report is called “Young People and Gambling” and presents the results of the survey based on which almost 9 thousand teenagers suffer from “problem gambling behaviour syndrome”.  The rate of participation in gambling games with this age group is estimated at approximately 15%. Young men are more addicted to gambling than young women (almost twice as much). 60% of interviewed children reported that they considered gambling to be quite a dangerous activity. 

Which gambling entertainments are most popular with teenagers? The Commission representatives tried to answer this question and reported that online slots, stationary slots, lottery tickets and even bets made by friends are in highest demand. The report indicated that every 10th of questioned teenagers made sports bets in bookmaker’s offices. At the same time only 3% of young people spent their own money on gambling, while 6% used the money belonging to their parents while the latter ones were not even aware of that.

Another interesting fact: 3 of 4 questioned teenagers learned about gambling games from TV commercials and 67% found this information in social networks. Based on this report a gambling regulator in 2017 may introduce stricter limitations for gambling commercials up until their complete ban.

Here is how Tim Miller, CEO of Gambling Commission of Great Britain commented on this: “We can state that teenagers from 11 through 15 years of age are inclined to gambling much more than to alcohol, drugs, or smoking. We would like to require from gambling providers stricter measures preventing children from such activities. It’s hard to believe, but there are money  based entertainments in our country that don’t set any restrictions against children’s participation. We will deal with it in the nearest future”.

It’s worth reminding our readers that gambling in Great Britain makes a profit estimated at £13,7 billion which makes it one of the most significant gambling markets in the world. Apart from the monetary profit for the country and gambling providers this business does a lot of harm to the society causing gambling addiction. Still, there is something positive in this field: nonprofit organisation called “GambleAware” presented its 5-year plan aimed at solving gambling issues. Based on this plan, gambling providers will spend £10 million on scientific research, healthcare and education.

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