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Charitable fund won €1 100 000 in EuroMilions

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During the last weekend, Colin and Eithne Bell, a couple from Great Britain who are founders of Kevin Bell Repatriation Fund turned to be millionaires. They were able to win the main prize of the additional drawing of EuroMillions in the sum of €1,1 million.

This remarkable event took place on June 20. When receiving the prize at the headquarters of the Great Britain National Lottery the Bell couple spoke a little about themselves and shared some of their plans for the future.

“Our son died in New-York in 2013 under strange circumstances and we encountered tremendous difficulties when tried to repatriate his body back home. Since then our family started to help all other people who lost close friends or family members in foreign countries. We help them in memory of Dave”, said Mrs Bell.

The couple founded a special repatriation fund that helps Irish families bring the bodies of those who died abroad back to their country.

A 64-year old Mr Colin Bell explained: “Our mission is very dramatic and is related to human grief. In order to catch a break, my wife and I sometimes play lotteries. Up to this moment, we have not won any significant prize money – maximum €20 or €50. When watching the results of the drawing that took place on June 20 I did not see my numbers in the winning combination, but when the numbers of the additional game were announced I caught my breath for joy – I won €1,1 million! I immediately ran to my wife to share this news with her, but she just laughed and did not believe me thinking that it was a bad joke. To clarify the situation I had to call the lottery providers who confirmed my millionaire status”.

It also turned out that the Bell family has six children and eight grandchildren. The largest part of the money will be spent on family needs, but several thousand euros will be spent on charitable purposes. “We should not forget about our compatriots who appear to be in a difficult situation regardless of this large lottery win”, said Collin talking to the journalists.

Another interesting story happened in June last year to a 50-year old Amanda Lewis from Yarlet, Great Britain. She won 1 million pounds playing EuroMillions. So, following one year she gave an interview to the local newspaper and reported how her life had changed since the win.

“I’ve been working in a tiny store where I also purchase lottery tickets. It won’t be true to say that my husband and I are real gambling fans. When I learned that I had won one million pounds for some reason I was not really surprised and kept working with customers’ orders as if nothing happened. During a lunch break, my colleagues learned about my win and started congratulating me, though with some sadness thinking that I was going to quit my job. But I like my job and I like working with people, so I keep going to work thinking that the win is not something unlimited and not worth quitting a job” shared Amanda.

This millionaire also said that her 52-year old husband Barry Lewis also kept working. He deals with ceramic tile manufacturing and laying. Answering the question how they spent their million she said: “First of all we paid off our debts and 20-year mortgage. Also, I kept my promise made to our 22-year old twin children and purchased a car for each of them. Also, by the advice of our close family friend who works in the field of finances in a large company my husband and I bought two houses for rent as well as a piece of land located under the store where my father-in-law works”.

At the awarding ceremony at EuroMillions Amanda wanted to conceal her name as most of the jackpot winners do, but changed her mind and decided to share her joy with others and to demonstrate that multi-million wins are real and anyone playing a lottery can turn to be a millionaire.



Playtech keeps giving away millions of Euros!

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Another jackpot in the sum of €1,6 million was hit on Gladiator slot – this news has been shared by the world gambling industry reporters. It means that lotteries are not the only source of newly minted millionaires!

A happy owner of the main prize turned to be Angela, resident of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain. She works as a manager at the employment centre and is a single mother of two school children.

“This is really incredible that my 25 pence used on playing online slots using a smartphone could turn into one of the largest wins. I am not an avid gambler who would waste all the money on that, but once in a while I may spend 20-30 pounds playing a mobile casino pushing my luck” explained a new millionaire to the casino representatives.

This incredible sum of money was won by our hero just 10 minutes after the game started – she received a bonus round on Gladiator.

«As soon as I realised that I had won €1,5 million I put everyone around on their toes – I started to call friends and relatives to share my joy. They didn’t believe me first and I myself started to doubt this was true, but a phone call from the casino confirmed my win and dispelled all the doubts”, – here is what a lucky British woman said recalling the day of the win. The winner also reported that she planned to quit her job and would purchase a large house in London and a luxurious car; besides she will spend the whole summer with her family.

We’d like to remind our readers that Playtech is one of the largest gambling software developers in the world. Its portfolio consists of 660 video slots and online new generation casinos where 113 progressive jackpots are played out.

Here is how Playtech casino director commented on the event: “Our whole team is proud by the fact that we offer our clients only high quality and interesting games with multimillion wins. Gladiator is one of the most popular premium products in the company that is the source of joy and a source of great gambling experience”.

$430,000.00 from MegaMillions for charity

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Every fan of lotteries dreams of winning the jackpot and makes thousands of plans about how to spend the prize money. Just a few lucky fellows who finally manage to get the desired reward with a large number of figures in the sum of the prize money throw away handfuls of money spending it on luxurious houses, sport cars, or for the needs of their families.

There are very few people who are able to think more about the needs of the society rather then their own needs.

One of such people is an American woman, a catholic church pastor Purley May Smith from Trenton, NJ who in May 2016 won the main prize of Mega Millions lottery in the sum of $430 million. During the awarding ceremony she announced that part of the prize money will be spent on charity, because the win itself had been sent to her by the will of God, and this way she could help people in need. 

“Neither me, nor my family can enjoy these millions of dollars knowing that there are so many deprived, hungry and desperate people. I could purchase a huge yacht to travel round the world and to never come back home. But my love and kindness don’t allow me to do it and to leave my congregation” – Purley reported to the journalists.

Exactly one year later Mrs. Smith presented to the world her charitable organisation called “Fund of support to families and young people of Trenton”, where the main goal is to invest money into medicine, education, upbringing of troubled teenagers, building sports complexes in high-crime areas, reconstruction of dilapidated or destroyed cultural sites throughout the world. 

Harold, nephew of Mrs. Smith who is a general manager of the fund commented regarding the plans they have: “We will be engaged in development, promotion, and financial support for programs aimed against poverty. By applying to us people can get not just food, medicine and shelter, but help in finding a job or getting new education as well”.

It’s worth mentioning that Mrs. Smith decided to receive the whole sum of money all at once instead of extending this process for 29 years. After paying off all the taxes the jackpot was estimated at $284 million.


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The scale weighs in favour of Yggdrasil. Again!

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Companies operating in the gambling market and developing video products are constant competitors and work to the point of exhaustion in order to surprise their clients with really unique novices. The most vivid competition takes place between two leading companies – software developer Playtech whose leadership is well acknowledged, and Yggdrasil that receives the London reward for the best portfolio in the sphere of video-slots for the 2nd time.

All the most popular companies of the gambling market – IGT, NеtEnt, Plауtech и Micrоgаming, as well as several smaller ones fought for the title “The leading supplier of the year” during EGR B2B Awards ceremony taking place in London.

The win of a young company Yggdrasil Gaming is very interesting due to the fact that just two years ago in 2015 it was rewarded as well and was acknowledged as a “rising star” in a similar competition.

The jury of the competition was impressed with the incredible pace of development of this new project as well as its variability and quality of products. Perfect graphic solutions, nonstandard ideas, advanced and creative tools as well as very reliable and mobile platform ensured unanimous voting in their favour.

Reward in the category “Slot-provider of the year” is not just the win over the colleagues and competitors from other companies. It is also a significant achievement for a young crew which is not afraid to make non-trivial decisions.

Now it’s clear that they have proved to be true leaders!


Incredibly gracious novices offered by Evolution Gaming

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Live Casino Hold’em is experiencing the revival of its spirits thanks to Evolution Gaming and their new progressive jackpot Jumbo 7. In the nearest future Progressive Jackpot Jumbo 7 will be the largest prize addition to the Hold’em we are used to.

This popular poker variation will receive a starting prize pool in the sum of one million euros which will keep growing until someone gets lucky.

And somebody (actually several people) will get lucky very soon, because the jackpot system will give qualified gamers an opportunity to place several types of bets – main ones and side ones. Even if a gambler drops the main bet, side bets can bring quite good profit.

Besides, here are the comments made by Todd Haushalter, director of Evolution Gaming: “This progressive jackpot has all the chances to become the largest prize in the world of table games and slots. 1 million euros is already a large gratitude to our clients for their interest and loyalty. And if this jackpot grows up to 30 thousand euros this will be the most significant event in the history of gambling. And take my word for it – based on the number of our fans this jackpot will exceed all our expectations”.

The system works in the following way: the prize pool will grow with every following game getting percentage from all the progressive bets of Jackpot Jumbo 7 in the Casino Hold’em.

Someone who will get the sevenfold street flash will be able to get the prize.


365 million rubles – absolute record of Russian “Stoloto” lottery

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Breaking news: an unprecedented win of a really huge and unbelievable jackpot in the sum of 364 685 787 rubles (about 6,5 million USD) just took place in Russia via the local “Stoloto” lottery. If we take into account additional prize money played off in other combinations, the total sum of money will increase for 500,000.00 more rubles  and will be estimated at 365 180 787 Russian rubles (about $6,620,000.00).

This is indeed the largest and the most unusual win for the Russian lottery market, especially considering that the lottery ticket was purchased via a mobile application “Stoloto” on iOS device. The winner resides in Sochi and paid for the lucky ticket 700 rubles.

Based on the Russian tax legislation, the winner needs to pay 13% off the prize money. After paying all the taxes the happy family from Sochi will still receive 317,277,000.00 rubles (about $5,660,000.00), which is not bad at all, is it?

This win became the most extensively discussed event of the month due the enormous sum of money. Two preceding jackpots did not reach it. In 2016 a medical specialist from Novosibirsk, Russia hit the jackpot in the sum of 358 million rubles, and in 2014 a teacher from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia refilled her account for 202,5 million rubles.

No matter how grand the wins of ordinary people are, their decisions on spending money can’t fail to surprise us. For example, today’s winners from Sochi plan to invest their money into the electoral fund of the Communist party so that their political favourites could win during the upcoming election.

If truth be told they plan to contribute into this political campaign only 1/3 of the prize money, though leave open a possibility that they will spend more money “for good purposes”.

The family of happy winners runs a very modest life and work in the sphere of cultural education. As we learned from the interview which was given to one of the local newspapers, even now they experience quite an unhealthy attitude to themselves from people around. They don’t want to be considered super-rich, that’s why they are not in a hurry to receive their jackpot.  Plus, they don’t have enough funds to cover their trip to the Moscow office of “Stoloto” to receive the prize money.

So, here are the unusual consequences of a super-win. We congratulate the winners with this great event and hope that the interest to them from their ill-wishes will diminish, and they will be able to spend the money wisely.

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Even more millionaires this week

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Our top list of won jackpots is widened with more unexpected wins. Today we learned about a great win in Euro Millions that took place in April.

€83 400 000 is the sum of the jackpot that was hit by a family from French Dijon paying for the lucky ticket only €2,5. The names of the winners have not been revealed yet per their own request, but it’s known that the win has become the sixth of the largest payoffs throughout 13 years of the lottery existence. Chances for such a significant win were really little and were estimated at 1:116 million. Our congratulations to this incredibly lucky French family!

Last week we wrote about another large win at the National lottery of Ireland that was estimated at €6,100,000.00. According to the lottery organisers, there are two winning tickets, and the winners have already applied to the main office to receive their money. The shops where the tickets were purchased promised significant discounts for the whole upcoming months in honour of this remarkable event.

Such incredible things happen practically every day and don’t have any territorial limitations. Any American or European lottery is available to residents of any country, and it’s quite easy to receive the money through the bank transfer.

The Government of South Korea has joined this trend of modern world as well. Quite recently there was a new legislature accepted in this country allowing its residents to sell and to buy lottery tickets of the National lottery via the Internet. 

The truth is though that it’s possible to purchase only a limited number of tickets online and only after a multi-level security checkup at a specialised website. These security measures are intended for preventing minor children from gambling addiction and for providing control over the legislature observance.


Exclusive slot for William Hill

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Online casinos never stop surprising their visitors with new interesting ideas and often launch special generous campaigns to attract more clients. William Hill online casino seems to be different in this respect. It’s is one of the top casinos and never experiences any lack of clients. 

Its main goal now is to award its frequenters who were there during all the ups and downs. Developing company “Lightning Box Games” together with “Willam Hill” launched a new exclusive online video-slot “Silver Lion Deluxe”. Developer commented that this version of slots would be available only in the above mentioned casino as an image-building privilege.

If truth be told, this “Silver Lion Deluxe” is not totally new, but is a premium version of the existing game “Silver Lion”. To enjoy the specialty the casino offers to its clients 2300 licensed gambling venues.

In regards to the slot functionality, there are some new features as well. The exclusive slot is equipped with 5 drums with bright symbols of letters and numbers and 10 payoff lines where one can place bets. The idea itself implies extreme immersion into the world of gambling – gambling savanna where one can hunt a mystic Silver Lion which can bring incredible wealth.

Zebras, meerkats, elephants, hippos and even brightly coloured old-timers holding spears set the stage for the most desired bonus in the shape of a silver lion which will launch a bonus round and which will provide a perfect opportunity to win the jackpot. Repeated spin is also foreseen in this version: one of the drums is brought to a halt, and a gamer can make another spin getting additional wins.

Here is how Peter Causley, executive director and co-finder of Lightning Box Games commented on  the launch of this gambling masterpiece:

“Such products are worth our time and can’t help attracting attention of our clients. It’s one of the ideas that were nurtured for a long time before putting into life. Our negotiation with William Hill representative, namely content director Andrew Sackey lasted for a long time, because we craved for creating something not standard for our British retail debut.  And we managed it all! Several months of negotiations were crowned with productive cooperation, and joint work with the online market leader – with great success”.

€ 8,000,000 from Mega Moolah – the largest mobile jackpot of all time

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Microgaming and their incredibly popular slot machine Mega Moolah once again made a regular at the Tripico mobile casino happy. Gambler was lucky enough to receive 8 million euros right away. This jackpot was called the biggest mobile win and even the biggest gambling victory of all time!

Such a momentous event occurred no later than on April 25 of this year, literally a month after the last grandiose payment, which then amounted to 6.6 million euros.

After standard checks, the administration of Microgaming will pay the winner all of his prize money in one payment, namely 8,012,153 euros. The CEO of the mobile casino Tripico, Marlon van der Goes, reacted so to the memorable event:

« We are infinitely sublime pleasure that today you can win such incredible prize amounts with the size of the initial bet of only 6.25 euros. This is a truly amazing event. Even if this occasion wouldn’t be the biggest jack-pot in the history of online casinos, it would still qualitatively change the life of the winner. But we are glad that our visitor will receive the most grandiose payment.»

And the publisher of mobile video slots in Microgaming, David Reynolds, said that even the speed of the progressive jackpot increase over the last 30 days was maximally abnormal. Thus, from March 21 to the moment of winning (April 25) the bank increased from 4.3 million euros to cherished ones 8 million. A fantastic record and just incredible luck for a lucky gambler.

To be fair, we note that the previous similar record on the size of payments was established in the summer of 2016, when the fabulous 7 684 311 euros were won at the online casino “Zodiak”.

Cuckoo slot machine from Endorphina become famous for by two mega-prises

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April became favourable for venturesome amateurs of the produce of supplying company of game decisions B2B Endorphina, as exactly in this spring period were issued three new online-slots and output of one more was announced.

Czech digital company offers wide choice of flash games for the online mediums of the whole world. At first it presented Slotomodji slot machine devoted popular and all favourite Emoji emoticons.

Then, April 12, the company issued slot to space topics called ISS, and already in a week on all its licentiates earned Cuckoo game. So, namely the last, less than for the week of its existence, made happy two amateurs of passion by the largest winnings.

The first lucky beggar became player from Czechia with Dirk17 nickname, adding up in his bank account by considerable €40 thousand in a matter of two hours of slow play, rate in which made only €0,5. And took place such good luck on expanses of STATcasino online-casino.

The second winner of new slot became PokerKlas. Exactly to him managed to receive a maximum multiplier of game price equal 2400 units. It is worth to note that this user played for high stakes and received prize at a rate of €240 thousand. All these victories were made during unique game feature of “Alarm clock” appropriate only to this slot machine.

Now a few words  about video slot itself which was devoted by the founders to ancient hours with cuckoo painted in ancient Slavic “Gzhel” style operatives as well for painting of porcelain and ceramics products. For creation of even more authentic effect, designers visually formalised drum facets by the porcelain.

Game received title due to hours with cuckoo and it represents drum from 5 slots with 10 victorious lines. Due to high technologies given slot machine achievable for game both on desktop computers and on other digital devices without installation additional software.

The main feature of Cuckoo game is bonus function of the alarm clock launched by falling out on the drum of three symbols – 1, 3 and 5. Then the screen shows big hours-alarm clock which install determined time in the beginning of game. However, the player should not know this time, indeed it will have to guess him, and the closer his variant will turn out, the more there will be multiplier of game price. At alarm clock switching-off by the clock hands bonus game ceases, and if it was not switched off, the player take the prize or can play yet another round.

Exactly due to unique entourage and modern interesting gameplay, video slot for the pair of weeks acquired many thousands army of admirers.