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Hot bets on the new American president have beaten all records

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Popular bookmaker’s office William Hill (WH) has published the final betting results regarding the most likely president elect in the United States based on the stated wish of the US citizens. Head of the venturous company Graham Sharp reported that this political event became the major one in regards to the monetary bets. Total sum of money spent on bets exceeded $25 million, $3,8 million of which was made through WH. The peak of all bets was noted 48 hours before the polling places were open on Tuesday, November 8.

Sharp made comments regarding some bets that finally became record ones: “The largest bet for the representative of the democratic party Hillary Clinton estimated at $610,000.00. The person who placed this bet preferred to stay anonymous, but we can state that this is the biggest bet ever staked on political events. The largest bet staked on Donald Trump was estimated at $125,000.00.

Most of the clients placed fixed bets in the sum of $12,500.00 – mostly from Asia and Middle East. Statistics show that 67% of all the respondents made their bets on Trump, but taking into account the total sum of money staked Hillary is the leader with 72% of all the money. The same tendency was noted during the voting campaign for Great Britain to leave European Union – the total number of bets placed on EXIT exceeded the number of more optimistic gamers, but the sum of money placed on retaining status quo was three times higher than placed on pessimistic approach.

Media holding Bloomberg presented official statistics regarding chances for each presidential candidate: chances of Hillary Clinton are estimated at 47%, while chances of Donald Trump – for 43%. The deciding vote will belong to those 10% of candidates who have not made their final decision so far.

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