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Live Casino Hold’em is experiencing the revival of its spirits thanks to Evolution Gaming and their new progressive jackpot Jumbo 7. In the nearest future Progressive Jackpot Jumbo 7 will be the largest prize addition to the Hold’em we are used to.

This popular poker variation will receive a starting prize pool in the sum of one million euros which will keep growing until someone gets lucky.

And somebody (actually several people) will get lucky very soon, because the jackpot system will give qualified gamers an opportunity to place several types of bets – main ones and side ones. Even if a gambler drops the main bet, side bets can bring quite good profit.

Besides, here are the comments made by Todd Haushalter, director of Evolution Gaming: “This progressive jackpot has all the chances to become the largest prize in the world of table games and slots. 1 million euros is already a large gratitude to our clients for their interest and loyalty. And if this jackpot grows up to 30 thousand euros this will be the most significant event in the history of gambling. And take my word for it – based on the number of our fans this jackpot will exceed all our expectations”.

The system works in the following way: the prize pool will grow with every following game getting percentage from all the progressive bets of Jackpot Jumbo 7 in the Casino Hold’em.

Someone who will get the sevenfold street flash will be able to get the prize.


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