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While George (Raymond Richard) Martin is absolutely fascinated with a new online video slot from Aristocrat company, which is designed in “Game of Thrones” style, the English residents are worried a lot about the increasing of the EuroMillions lottery tickets price. In fact, it was recently announced that starting from the 24th of September the price for the tickets will raise from 2 euros up to 2,5 euros, which in total is 25% price increase.

In the same time a popular video slot with a progressive jackpot had paid out a huge winning amount in the LeoVegas online casino. In fact, that was a Joker Million slot from the Yggdrasil company.

A lucky from Norway won €2.9 million, while spinning the Million Joker video slot. 21-year-old Chris from Oslo, while waiting for his girlfriend shopping at the store, decided to pass the time with mobile video slots in the LeoVegas online casino on Monday afternoon.

While his girlfriend was buying apples at the grocery store, Chris got to bet €1.25 in the mobile gaming app from the Yggdrasil company and unexpectedly won an incredible amount of 2 881 257 euros. Now Chris plans to buy two apartments and to take his girlfriend to the Maldives in order to celebrate the great victory.

This is not the first case when the Joker Million video slot from Yggdrasil managed to pay out a major prize. Since the launch date in March 2015, the slot cashed out 720 thousand euros in September and 460 thousand in December.

CEO of the Yggdrasil Gaming company, Fredrik Elmqvist said: “It is a great pleasure to see when someone wins such a stunning amounts of money per a spin on the slot from Yggdrasil. Joker Millions is our first progressive video slot, which has become a favorite machine of lots of operators and millions of players. And we are sure that the jackpots will grow faster as there is now a huge number of operators that want to join the network of Yggdrasil.”

The next expected progressive jackpot in the Joker Millions video slot is up to two million euros. By the way, unlike many other slots with progressive jackpots, Joker Millions has really deep and fascinating storyline.

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