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Just one roulette spin brought to a Brazilian $1 300 000

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Quite recently the mass media have reported about an incredible luck of one fan of roulette from Brazil. An ordinary after-holiday visit to the casino with a company of friends will be well remembered.

A successful young businessman Pedro Grendene, heritor of a local businessman Bartelle – owner of a shoe factory decided to push his luck while on vacation in Uruguay and visited Condad Punta del Este casino. He and his three friends approached the roulette, and Pedro made a bet of $35,000.00 on number 32. His friends also placed their bets with insignificant sums of money.

To his astonishment the ball stopped exactly on number 32 making Grendene more rich with $1,23 million! All this was recorded with a smartphone by one of the visitors who just wanted to memorise this thoughtless bet that resulted into an incredible win. The original video is available on YouTube, so anyone can see how the friends were happy about the win.

By the way, Conrad Punta del Este is an elite resort in southern Uruguay where there is a spa-center, casino, and a hotel. The first three months of a year are the high season for this area and attract tourists from around the world.

While the “shoe king” from Brazil celebrates this incredible win, a Ukrainian lottery organiser MSL company reported about two six-figured wins in January of 2017.

The first millionaire is a resident of Kiev Region from the town of Bucha who managed to win on “Loto Zabava” 1 million hryvnas ($38 thousand). Less than in a week the same lottery made happy another Ukrainian living in Khmelnitsky Region with the same amount of the prize money.

But at the end of January a million of hryvnas had to be divided between two gambling fans. The drawing that took place on January 29 brought to the residents of Berdyansk and Sambora $19 thousand each. Local journalists interviewed one of the winners whose name is Nikolai: “We play Loto Zabava with the whole family: me, my brother, mother, and father. It’s our family tradition. And finally we were able to win. After talking to my family I decided to purchase with the prize money a large family car that we will use for family trips to the country”.

During its existence the lottery made the dreams of 261 gamers come true, and starting from last year the lottery tickets are available for purchase online. 

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