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Legendary Doyle Brunson Won $28 000 at WSOP ME

Doyle Brunson won wsop me

Unfortunately time is ticking away. We had enjoyed watching many legendary poker players in actions. They popularised professional poker back in 70s. However they slowly step away. But Doyle Brunson is not going to surrender. The legend who will turn 79 next month decided to take part in World Series of Poker. Who knows how many Series he has got left?

In spring Texas Dolly said that he was going to pass WSOP 2013. However he could not resist the temptation and registered at WSOP Players Championship. Then he decided to keep playing participating in WSOP Main Event. And it is fair to say that he had support of huge crowd of fans. Basically everyone wanted him to reach the final table but Doyle could not make it. He finished in Top-500 instead cashing $28 000. Is 409-th a good result for 2-times crowned WSOP ME champion? Taking into account fierce competition and age of Brunson definitely yes.

Doyle Brunson had 700 000 chips starting Day 4. Doyle was unable to double up and found himself in little trouble with 290 000 chips. Blinds were 4000/8000 when Doyle played his last hand. An opponent in early position opened with 16 000 bet. Another player called and Brunson raised to 86 000 chips. The first player folded, the second pushed his stack. Brunson called and was all-in with 204 000 chips. Definitely Brunson made the mistake, he had KT and his opponent held TT. Board didn’t save the legendary player. Experts sure that Brunson was just too tired after playing 6 hours in a row. Well, anyway other players gave Doyle standing ovation and it was the best reward for poker veteran.




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