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Quite recently the gambling world was amazed by financial achievements of a Russian gambler “Vadim” at the online Europa Casino. This lucky fellow was able to “rob” live roulette for $800,000.00.

If you think that our hero stopped at these achievements, you are mistaken. This week “Vadim” decided to hunt for more money and selected as a “victim” Casino Hold’Em Live on the same gambling portal. So, Europa Casino help our fellow hit another jackpot in the sum of $266 thousand.

The most remarkable thing about “Vadim” is his real feel for gambling. Being an amateur he was able to not just pick up the monetary luck, but to “put a halter” upon it causing jealousy with regular poker players.

So, let’s see what really happened. Our hero visited the gambling website just because of curiosity and then his bets started to bring him extra profit.  This served as a temptation to buck the tiger, and it appeared that his risk was totally justified, because during a two-hour session “Vadim” was able to win large prize money. So, one more time he was able to line his pockets and planned more visits to online Europa Casino. Indeed, he is very lucky there!

Our congratulations to Vadim on this lucky streak, and now a story about one more happy fellow. This minion of fortune chose to remain anonymous, but his incredible win cannot stay unnoticed.


The next mega-prize was won in one of the most favourite gambling venues – Titan Casino. An unknown fan of slots really smashed a slot machine called “Incredible Hulk” winning a miraculous sum of money – $713,000.00. 

It’s worth saying that the selection of slot machines was not a random one. “Incredible Hulk” belongs to the system of progressive jackpots “The Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive Jackpot” launched by the leading gambling software developers – Playtech Company. And it’s not a coincidence that this company proved to be a reliable owner of a crystal-clear reputation. This has been confirmed by really large payoffs and, which is surprising, their frequency.

Starting from 2010 when independent online tracking systems were launched to track online payoffs, the number of maximum jackpots won on the slots has been estimated at 41. By generosity of developers anyone can track the system. For example, progressive jackpots payoffs take place once in seven weeks, and the average sum of money is estimated at $696 thousand. The largest jackpot by Playtech was registered in November of 2011 and made it $1,3 million.

Our congratulations to happy winners! 

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