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Lottery tickets scan system will appear in England

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Now we are using our mobile phones as multitask gadgets to ease our everyday activities, collect data and speed up job tasks management. That’s why it is the high time to upgrade the he system of National Lottery and make it so far technically adoptive to let the users be occupied with even more productive tasks instead of sitting and waiting for drawing. And we are now watching the history.

Players of the National Lottery in the UK will soon have the opportunity to check the numbers of their lottery tickets instantly from the mobile devices. In the nearest future the English lottery operator ‘Camelot’ will release a new and innovative QR-code scanner. Representatives of the National Lottery of the United Kingdom announced that the QR-codes will be added to the lottery tickets to merge mobile channels and retail outlets.

On the new national lottery tickets players can find the QR-code, which will allow them to quickly scan the playing numbers. They will be available for the following functions as EuroMillions, Hotpicks and Thunderball. According to the lottery operator, the work on an innovative product comes to an end, and soon the program will be available on QR friendly users’ mobile devices.

With the advent of the lottery ticket scanning functions through mobile devices, Camelot will be able to focus on the development of digital products. Camelot Digital Services showed a good result in 2015. Director of digital technology company Camelot Tim Copper noted that QR-product based on the continuous market researches, consistent innovative ideas and especially on the customer feedback.

Thanks to Camelot the world will gain another efficient mobile app that will help people get their money in time.

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