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Marvel and Playtech – Split Forever!

Batman instead of Spiderman Portal Mazal


Cooperation between two mega-popular and successful companies in the gambling industry– Marvel and Playtech with its main bonuses Ultimate Power, Power, Extra Power, and Super Power is over. Marvel refused to sign a new agreement with Playtech upon the expiration of  the current one on March 31, 2017. The agreement allowed using its heroes in the sphere of gambling.

To remind our readers, Disney – the giant in the moviemaking industry purchased Marvel Comics during the spring of 2009 and made an announcement for the world mass media about closing all the gambling projects of Marvel. Still, in order to avoid any legal claims they decided not to break any existing licensing contracts and decided to wait until they just terminate.

The first contract that terminated belonted to Cryptologic company that developed new products for Marvel Comics. But for the fans of X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. there still remained slots from Playtech that existed until the last moment and tried to prolong the contract with Disney. Unfortunately, Disney management was uncompromising.

As if to secure themselves and not to lose any fans of comics Playtech leaders prepared a major agreement with another company possessing the rights for DC Comics.

During February this year the games supplier signed an agreement with Warner Bros. and announced the launch of new generation online slots themed after the following movies: “Batman & The Joker Jewels”, “Batman & Catwoman Cash”, “Batman & The Penguin Prize”, “Batman & The Batgirl Bonаnza”, “Batman & The Riddler Riches”, and “Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune”.

Contract with Marvel is dead. Long live contract with Warner Bros!


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