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Mega Fortune – Another Huge Jackpot!

Mega Fortune Slot NetEnt Portal Mazal

Thanks to another leading gambling software developer NetEnt, the dream of another online gamer to win the jackpot became true.

The happy man was able to make a scoop on the online video slot Mega Fortune (FM) in the sum of 45 million kroner (€4,9 million based on the current exchange rate). This gamer from Norway won this sum of money on Betsson – a popular online platform, and became the 2nd multi-millionaire of the year.

Just to remind you that in January a gambler from Great Britain became the first winner of jackpot in the sum of $2,7 million from Mega Fortune. The happy Norwegian commented: “I decided to play my favourite slot before going to bed at night and all of a sudden hit the jackpot. I was really tired after work and wanted to sleep, so I could not understand how much money I won. It seemed to me that it was 45 thousand kroner. Only some time later I realised how rich I became. Now I would like to purchase a house and a prestigious car”.

Here is how NetEnt director Simon Hammon commented on this: “Our MF slot is one of the most advanced and most popular games in the market and we are happy that the jackpot was hit on this particular slot. Our company is certain that it won’t take long for someone else to become another millionaire”. 


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