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It’s widely believed that to win a large sum of money playing roulette, slots or online casino games is almost impossible. To become a winner several times in a row is out of the question. Surprisingly, but this statement was proved a negative by two internet-gamers with usernames “Vadim” and “Reinhardt”. Last week they gradually drained the internet-casino.

Foreign mass media announced that on July 31 a user from Russia with a nickname “Vadim” completed a three-day marathon playing roulette in Europa Casino. The total sum of prize money that he won estimated $800,000.00! Winning $205,000.00 on the first day he decided not to stop as he felt that he had caught luck and he was right! On July 30 he won $526,000.00 more and continued on the 3rd day lining his pockets with $70,000.00 plus additional $17,000.00 was won at the Casino Hold’Em Live.

At the same time another venturous gamer with a username “Reinhardt” played slot machines on the platform of online Titan Casino and managed to make a real fortune. His profitable gaming session on slot machines “Heart of the Jungle” started on July 27 and first brought him just €2,000.00. Possessing a good initial capital “Reinhardt” decided to try his luck again playing a 5-reel slot with 20 winning lines for Magical Stacks stakes. This slot machine developed by Playtech brought our hero €23,700.00 more within just a couple of hours.

After a short break that he needed to achieve clarity of thought our hero started to drain Sindbad’s Golden Voyage slot getting the income of over €47,500.00. On the next day, the 28th of July gambler “Reinhardt” continued the game on the same slots that had brought to him profit a day prior and he was lucky again – he hit the jackpots – €45,000.00 on Magical Stacks and €44,000.00 more on Sinbad’s Golden Voyage.

Deciding not to rest on his laurels “Reinhardt” returned to Titan casino on July 29. This day he was able to win on the newest online slots Buffalo Blitz loading his bank with €55,000.00. The total sum of prize money for the three-week session estimated a little bit more than €226,000.00. Our sincere congratulations to this lucky fan of online slots!

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