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More bonuses on the first deposit from Vulkan Casino Club


Just recently we read about huge jackpots from Vulkan Casino Club and could not believe how lucky some gamblers were. You may think that getting significant bonuses is possible only in case you invest much into gambling, but this means you are not aware of the latest news:

Online Vulkan Casino Club is not just giving away generous benefits – it provides a wonderful opportunity to make a pot of dough. This generous campaign is aimed at attracting new clients and can only be accessed to by novices. This is something really worth trying, since the casino presents 100% bonus on the initial deposit equal to the sum of at least 500 rubles. The size of a super-bonus for larger investments can reach 15,000.00 rubles. Not bad at all!

The tastiest details are still ahead!

This offer will last for a whole year until September 30, 2017. It means that there exists a possibility to save a bit more money and make a larger deposit. Every participant can wait for the right moment to get the prize money.

A wager here is only x20! For those who are in the know of the process this is the best news. For our new customers we can explain that a wager makes it possible not just to get the bonus money and withdraw it from the system. A wager is the number that shows the total sum of bets necessary for money withdrawal. It’s not as difficult as it may seem – it’s just one of the conditions that ensure the proper functioning of the casino.

The main idea lies in the size of the wager itself, and here it’s extremely low. Even the most generous resources that don’t require any deposits offer wagers equal to x40 and x50, so our “baby” is just a formality that won’t cast a shadow over the game session.

So, go and register at the online Vulkan Casino Club. Specify profile settings and go to “Deposits” section. A very special gift will be waiting for you!

Good luck!

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