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NetEnt creates the first virtual slot

Netent Virtual Slot Portal Mazal


At the beginning of February managers of NetEnt –  large supplier of digital solutions for online gambling resources announced that they started to utilise virtual reality technologies integrating them into online gambling which will lead to creation of the first virtual slot with real monetary funds.

Prior to that NetEnt decided to turn into abstractive reality a very popular slot called Gonzo’s Quest thus satisfying a growing demand for the virtual reality among the users throughout the world. According to the developers, this technology called WEBvR will be ready at the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018. This will be the first step to a new gambling trend.

During the exhibition ICE Totally taking place last year Swedish corporation NetEnt reported about 5 main development courses, one of which involved virtual reality slots. They demonstrated their innovations in this field using the example of a free trial version of “Jack and the Beanstalk” slot. Thus, they showed to everyone grand perspectives of this technology in the future of gambling entertainments.

It’s interesting to admit that virtual reality has been the main field of research for large corporations throughout the whole world during the last three decades. The most significant achievement in here is the appearance of Oculus Rift – virtual reality handset which allows immersing into a different world and experiencing all its technologies.

Online gambling industry is constantly in search of new solutions for advancing its products to the market. Experts consider virtual reality to be a revolutionary breakthrough during the current millennium.

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