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Ontario Family Hit $50 Millions Lottery Jackpot

Ontario Family Hit $50m. Lottery Jackpot

The Powells family consisting of Linda and John and their children Daniel, Gaylene, Michael and Sion visited Toronto to receive huge paycheck. They hit Lotto Max jackpot. The representatives of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. gave out paycheck for $50 Millions

Linda was speechless during the official ceremony. Her husband and kids joked that she lost her voice after screaming for several hours and chatting for days. However she still managed to talk to journalists. Linda recalled that she was the first one to find out about the winnings, “I checked our lottery ticket in local convenient store using self-check scanner. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw many zeroes!”.

Having come back home Linda asked her husband to check the lucky ticket. John Powell has not even changed his pajamas and rushed to the nearest store located at the corner. Surely the man could not believe it was happening.

35-year-old Sion Powell said that he saw many cars on the street and was afraid that something bad happened. He also said that family members could not reach him during the life-changing day, “I entered our house and saw many people screaming and jumping”. He also said that his mum didn’t want to leave the lucky ticket at home, “she took it to work putting in her socks”.

According to Sion, Linda has been playing lottery for last 25 years. However recently they started to buy lottery tickets together as a family. The lucky winners have not decided yet what to do with the winnings. They plan to go to have vacations in Wales, 71-year-old John Powell is from Wales. Sion said, “We have quite big family and we will try to be generous to everyone. As for me I would like to buy new Land Rover and visit my friends in the USA. I also need new cell-phone, nobody could reach me to tell me about our winnings”, added the man laughing.

Finally Sion ensured that his family is not going to get broke because of possible conflicts related with distribution of winnings, “I think everything will be alright, nothing will change. We all are equal winners”.

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