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UK Gambling Commission Association presented to the mass media its analytical report which revealed a very interesting tendency related to those gamblers who are about to reach the retirement age. Based on the report, there is an annual increase in the number of gambling venues participants over 55 years of age, and this number in Europe grows every year.

Here is the report itself:

“During the last three years the percent value of gamblers over 65 year of age increased from 2,7% up to 7,4% – 3 times more! Among the customers aged 50-65 years this number is even higher – 16%”.

What is the reason for such metamorphosis? First of all, protection of children against gambling addiction takes place very actively and is quite successful. The government has never really thought about elderly people though. Meanwhile, people at the age of retirement are gradually grasping the concept of the Internet and especially enjoy simple browser games that do not require any special software installation. Thirdly, retirement benefits in Europe are quite large, so elderly people have a lot of “spare money” and happily waste it on gambling platforms. This is not true for pensioners from Russia and CIS countries though – gambling entertainments are not accessible to them due to very small retirement benefits.

This research takes place annually, and it will be very interesting to see whether or not the dynamics will change in one or two years. UKGA specialists think that the benchmark will reach 12%. All that is left for us is to see what the younger generation – those who are growing with a smartphone in hands and unlimited Internet access will have to say to the older folks.

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