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Another jackpot in the sum of €1,6 million was hit on Gladiator slot – this news has been shared by the world gambling industry reporters. It means that lotteries are not the only source of newly minted millionaires!

A happy owner of the main prize turned to be Angela, resident of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain. She works as a manager at the employment centre and is a single mother of two school children.

“This is really incredible that my 25 pence used on playing online slots using a smartphone could turn into one of the largest wins. I am not an avid gambler who would waste all the money on that, but once in a while I may spend 20-30 pounds playing a mobile casino pushing my luck” explained a new millionaire to the casino representatives.

This incredible sum of money was won by our hero just 10 minutes after the game started – she received a bonus round on Gladiator.

«As soon as I realised that I had won €1,5 million I put everyone around on their toes – I started to call friends and relatives to share my joy. They didn’t believe me first and I myself started to doubt this was true, but a phone call from the casino confirmed my win and dispelled all the doubts”, – here is what a lucky British woman said recalling the day of the win. The winner also reported that she planned to quit her job and would purchase a large house in London and a luxurious car; besides she will spend the whole summer with her family.

We’d like to remind our readers that Playtech is one of the largest gambling software developers in the world. Its portfolio consists of 660 video slots and online new generation casinos where 113 progressive jackpots are played out.

Here is how Playtech casino director commented on the event: “Our whole team is proud by the fact that we offer our clients only high quality and interesting games with multimillion wins. Gladiator is one of the most popular premium products in the company that is the source of joy and a source of great gambling experience”.

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