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In 2016 “Pokemon GO” took over the gaming market. The number of active gamers at the moment exceeds 20 million and continues to grow. The main idea of the game is catching virtual pets – “pokemons” (cartoon heroes from the 1990s) in real time with the help of a mobile device.

The game became so popular in USA that Silverton Casino in Las Vegas made and official invitation to the fans of “pokemons”. The casino administration announces that there are four PokeStops (special places for catching pokemons) and two venues for training pokemons.

Interesting that one of the places for catching pokemons is Mermain Silverton bar. Apart from having a glass of beer visitors older than 21 can also catch a precious pokemon. And it’s not all – Silverton Casino administration promises a two dollar bonus for all the visitors who have “Pokemon GO” application installed in their smartphones. This campaign became very popular and very successful letting the casino owners attract more clients by means of this entertainment for young people.

Here is how this innovation was described by one of the Silverton Casino owners Kimiko Peterson: “There are really a lot of fans of this game in USA, and if we want to stay relevant of social life and remain on trend, we absolutely need to adapt to modern gamers and react quickly”.

At the same time one of the chairmen of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Russia A. Babirsov announced that “Pokemon GO” is prohibited by Koran, because alongside with casinos and other similar games it belongs to gambling. This decision was made because some players are so addicted to searching and catching monsters that once they accidentally walked into the territory of the Ar-Rakhim Mosque. Official sources state that the fines they will have to pay will range from 75,000 to 200,000 rubles. Mr. Babirsov also spoke about the intention to approach the game developers with the requirement to ban the placement of these virtual creatures in spiritual places.

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