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The most effective poker player, good-looking guy and simply a good person with a wonderful funny bone Canadian Daniel Negreanu is still single.

daniel negreanu and lindsay blalock

Recall that Daniel was wed however separated. Privacy can not be named Player stormy. Of course, he met the girls. His most current enthusiasm was Christina Polgar, who in 2008 won the title of Miss Hungary Earth. Although they have a common interest poker, however the relationship did not work. According to the most Negreanu they were excellent buddies.

Now, Daniel is determined to discover his true love, he chose to take part in the popular American truth program Millionaire Matchmaker, which assists to make the option a professional astrologer.

Among the 42 contestants, Daniel Negreanu went with blonde Lindsay Blalock. After dating for a couple reveals on a private jet, Daniel visited Las Vegas, where they had a fantastic time.

Expand to an associate in a significant relationship, in which Daniel will be appreciated for his personal qualities, and not for the money and popularity? Wait and see. However in spite of the famous proverb cynical wish to say: “If lucky in cards – lucky in love.”


Poker Brides

Poker Brides and Pea-Brained Posters

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That’s our very own designer (and Fab*Bride) Brittany and her husband, Jeff – and they’re having a baby. Invite the guys over to watch the game, have them bring diapers as gifts ( it doesn’t matter what size they buy, they’ll get used eventually.) and plan a dude-friendly activity like a game of poker.

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