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Sports bets of the future are already in place


Popular bookmaker’s office Pinnacle was able to get the license for bets on speed races by radio-guided drones. This license turned to be the very first one issued in the world. Permission for running the race was given in Malta and in Curacao. The operator plans to announce the bets indexes at the beginning of the World Drone Racing Championship 2016 that will take place in Hawaii during the 20s of October. The analytical centre of Pinnacle supposes that this possibility to make bets on prize winners will be just testing the waters of the market potential related unmanned flying vehicles races.

This whole tournament became possible thanks to constant and high growth of wireless informational technologies as well as introduction of advanced technological solutions into drones creation. All this contributed to miniaturisation and price decrease. Nowadays it’s possible to purchase such a flying machine enabled with a high quality camera for $1,000.00. Among their manufacturers are GoPro and DJI.

This state of affairs lets armchair enthusiasts run trainings alongside with the field professionals. The championship organisers report that thanks to a large number of amateur pilots who wish to demonstrate their skills and abilities in piloting drones, the idea managed to spring to life.

Harry Lang, marketing director at Pinnacle, made a bold statement for the mass media referring to this type of sports as one of the advanced sports innovations of the future. Thanks to a relatively cheap “entrance ticket” for the race as well as a large number of video cameras able to transmit the voyage in real time (which is a crucial factor for visual appeal), they quickly gain world popularity and attract a lot of fans. This means that one should think of high profitability of these innovational sports bets. 

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