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Super-lottery or successful marketing ploy?

Olympic Games Lotteries Portal Mazal

The world mass media reported last week that the Japanese government plans to launch five more unique national lotteries associated with the Olympic Games of 2020.

This is going to take place in mega-metropolis Tokyo. The lottery draws will help attracting additional resources to the budget of the Olympics and will be spent on constructing sports venues and infrastructure.

Preliminary the plan is to spend $100 million. The first of the announced lotteries will be launched within the next few days. The lottery ticket will only cost $2. Other four will be launched a little later. The total prize fund will be equivalent to $2 million.

It should be noted that using lotteries as one of the Olympics investor is not a new idea. Similar successful projects have already been run throughout the world. For example, the budget of the Olympic Games of 2008 held in China was estimated at $44 billion – a huge sum of money 30% of which was received thanks to the national lottery and scratch-offs  in particular.

Surprisingly, but everyone who purchased the tickets for sports competitions participated in the lottery. It’s even phenomenal, isn’t it? We can come to the conclusion that by purchasing this lottery ticket we also make a small input into healthy lifestyle and world sports in general.

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