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Technologies of the future are round the corner: artificial intelligence beats the world best poker players

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Staff scientists of the Carnegie Mellon University have developed an advanced version of artificial intellect called “Lengpudashi” (impersonal poker master) based on preceding practices of similar computer systems creation.

This smart device ran a series of poker games starting on April 6 through the 10th in the city of Kiakow, China. A total number of dealings was estimated at 36 thousand, and the result is really impressive – artificial intellect outplayed 6 poker professionals from Celestial Empire.

It’s worth mentioning that the predecessors of this product of the future is a poker bot Libratus that also ran a fantastic gaming session that lasted 20 days and consisted of 120,000 dealings in Pittsburg, PA, USA. Throughout the whole tournament the bot fought with four professionals and confidently won over human intelligence. 

Press-release of the Carnegie Mellon University announced that Strategic Machine Inc. creating technology that served as foundation for two bots, received the whole prize fund of the April competition estimated at $290,000.00.

It’s worth mentioning that there was a significant difference between these two tournaments – one with Libratus in January, and another in Lengpudashi in April: the first gaming session was a pure scientific experiment, while the other was a demonstration of modern technologies (for this reason it was three times shorter). So, the average rate of quality and performance of the game in mbb/g was 147 and 220 correspondingly (for professionals this rate is almost 50, and for those who keep passing – 750).

Lengpudashi ran this recent computer intellect tournament with a Chinese team “Dragons”, whose captain is an investor from Shanghai Alan Du who won one of the last year world poker tournaments. The organizer of the competition is a former graduate of the University of Carnegie Mellon now working as a director of Sinovation Ventures Corporation Mr. Kai-Fu Lee.

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