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The robbery of the River City Casino turned to be possible after the system crash

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According to police, recently the married couple defined and used for personal unlawful enrichment the technical crash in the River City Casino system. The incident happened in Saint Louise, Missouri. The Sheldons elderly couple stolen over 300 000 dollars.

The most interesting thing about the case from the Missouri state court is the age of the thieves. According to the documents, presented to the court, Daniel Sheldon is 61 and Aileen Sheldon is 60 years old. As it was stated, the married couple noticed the crash in operating system and used it to download the casino bonuses and money rewards into their accounts for a long time. 

The evidences presented in the court say that Aileen Sheldon find out the OS crash in the period between October and December in 2014. During this time lapse she had made more than 3000 downloads. As it appeared the most part of them were recorded on the security cameras.

The police stated that while the arrest woman admitted that she had cashed in the casino money, she had never earned. Also Aileen admitted that she had told her husband about the convenient system crash. In the course of investigation, it was found out that Daniel Sheldon made 1370 downloads during the same period and the total sum of stolen money is over 300 000 dollars.

Today the family couple were taken into custody and there was appointed the bail, which is 100 000 dollars per each fraud.

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