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Magnificent prize – 4,4 million Euro – was won by one of the European users in online casino on the Mega Fortune slot machine on 5th of February. Unfortunately, representatives of the slot developer NetEnt Company do not reveal the name of the lucky gamer who managed to win the 36th progressive jackpot since 2009, but his existence is not doubted. We’d like to remind you that the largest Mega Jackpot in the sum of €17,8 million was won in January 2013 by a venturous and mega-lucky Swede. This huge jackpot even entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest throughout the history of online gambling. The average waiting time for such a super-prize is 11 weeks, and the average sum of the prize money is €4,3 million.

The main theme of Mega Fortune is a glut of wealth, and those who play the slot can visualise all they can purchase in case of winning the jackpot. In order to hit it it’s necessary to pass all the rounds of a bonus game at the end of which there appear real treasures.

Beginning of the last winter month presented to the world one more millionaire. This event took place thanks to a newly launched slot “Millionaires Island” from PokerStars that presented the first jackpot in the sum of $1,5 million to an ordinary Uruguay student with the nick LUisCancelaU.

This 26-year old lucky guy managed to win betting only $1 and making only 17 spins, the last of which brought the prize money. The newly-minted millionaire shared during the interview to the casino provider:

“This cannot be real, because such things just don’t happen” – this is what I thought when looked at four Millionaires symbols and could not believe when the fifth came. When I realized what happened and that I became a millionaire I ran to my brother (there was no one else at home) and started to shake him and scream – I was so overwhelmed with emotions! First he looked at me as if I was crazy, but when I showed him the screen of the computer with the 6-figured number we started to cry for joy together. Now I can take care of my parents who lay themselves out to provide education for us, worked two jobs, did not eat and did not sleep enough…”

Director of PokerStars Casino Bo Wänghammar announced to the mass media: “We are very happy for our first winner in Millionaires Island who appeared shortly after the launch of the slot. This proves that our product is popular with the games throughout the world and can drastically change the life of anyone who aims for victory and believes in luck”.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the only slot in the gambling industry where progressive jackpot starts at $1 million, which means that every winner automatically becomes a millionaire!

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