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Who Is The Winner? £6 Millions Still Waiting…

£6 Million Jackpot Winner is Still Missing in the UK

6 Million Jackpot Winner is Still Missing in the UK

A UK resident struck lottery pot. The draw was held on 29th of June. Nevertheless the winner is still missing and he/she risks losing £6 Millions. It was mentioned that the fortunate ticket was gotten in Rhondda, South Wales.
The lucky ticket matched all figures– 7, 13, 25, 31, 34, 45 and bonus ball 4. A millionaire should report his case till Boxing Day (26th of December). If no one contacts National Lotto the jackpot will be included in the existing prize swimming pool.
An agent of National Lottery informed, “We frantically wish to look at the mysterious winner of our lotto and reward him specifically. His/her life will certainly be transformed for life. And we encourage our gamblers to examine their tickets once more. Also have a look at your wallets, bags, couches. You might have not observed the life-changing ticket. Possibly a person of you gained £6 Millions“.

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