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You Are The Winner! NO, You Are Joking!

wiiner don't believe in luck

One fortunate casino player was informed about his incredible lotto succeeding. Staff members of the store located at Ombersley Road, Worchester told the guy that he succeeded even more than 50 000 pounds. They described him to contact National Lottery to get his money. Nonetheless the fortunate casino player didn’t think them thinking that they were joking. This guy thought that he won just 10 pounds. He concerned the store to get his 10 pounds profits.

Store staff participants informed that it appeared like the guy succeeded share of 5,7 m pounds prize pool of Sunday draw. Store supervisor Harry Heanson described, “We were a bit surprised with this winning. Well, our cashier told him to get in touch with National Lottery but he began to laugh thinking that she was messing around with him. He simply kept repeating something like stop joking, simply give me my 10 pounds. Anyway we are very pleased for our client and want him all the very best!”.

According to British laws lotto winners can claim their payouts not exceeding 100 pounds at regional stores. Larger winnings can be received at post workplaces. Prizes going beyond 50 000 pounds ought to be gotten at National Lottery. Winners need to fill in special application.



Lucky Winner



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